Alya Qistina

Saturday, December 5, 2015

fun month

 I know! So much fun, right? So many opportunities to study. So many chances to improve yourself academically. Really beneficial in the future. Really helping in arranging more productive schedules.

Zzzz. Don't be fooled.

I wish I had that way of thinking hahaha. I don't even have a slight thought as that. Because apparently, who loves exams? Who loves staying up all night being all caffeinated just to memorize one whole thick of lectures notes? Who loves having the feeling of nervousness while walking down the exam hall - usually, my heart thumps so fast whilst my brain tries so hard to cram everything that I read inside it for the last time.

Semester 7 is tougher than before. Of course, nothing gets easier.

(Especially when you'd get to get deeper in chemistry this semester).

Yeah, I'm gonna get back to books now.

Btw, hello December. Thanks for still giving me a chance to rock my 2015.

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