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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

char spaghetti

I know it sounds funny!

But please understand me, we couldn't find anything like kuey teow here. Except from some Malaysians who sell some food stocks from Malaysia (like ketchup, lemongrass, bird's eye chilies - cili padi la deyy, tempe and many more).

But, they are sooooo expensive. I understand because they're hot items! Come freshly from Malaysia!

They aren't readily available here in Egypt. So that's why we bring a lot of food supply from Malaysia every time we go back there. 3/4 of my luggage content is just food. If I lose the luggage, I will literally cry! It's food guys, foods!


So, the other day when I come back, I brought together with me a char kuey teow paste. Which I thought I was so going to need this. And it's true.

I need this. 

Because my love to prawn and char kuey teow is eternal.

And that was my first attempt of cooking char kuey teow. Which I used spaghetti instead, so I had no choice but to call it char spaghetti.

It tasted quite similar to any char kuey teow in Malaysia (oh my, am I bragging now? Hahaha), well at least it made me forget my longingness to any Malaysia's food for a while.

Char Spaghetti Recipe (Chef Qissy's style)

  • Spaghetti - boiled
  • Prawn paste (It's called otak udang paste)
  • Dried chillies - blended
  • Onion and garlic - blended
  • Prawns
  • Eggs
  • Chives

  • Heat some oil. Pour down blended items (onion, garlic, dried chilies) onto hot oil and stir.
  • Put a few spoonfuls of prawn paste and stir some more.
  • I put oyster sauce, some water, salt, sugar and anchovies stock cube. (Put them in order of what I write).
  • Let them boil.
  • Then, put prawns and let them boil.
  • Crack some eggs inside and continuously stir.
  • Put some chives.


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