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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

extra metal

November got me 2 appointments with my dentist. 

My dentist never told me anything about what he has planned for my teeth treatment. It's like he has had everything on his mind. When he sees me, he smiles and greets me, "Hi, Nicky" and "Open your mouth". Trust me, he barely opens my dental records, as if he can reads your teeth just by saying hi. *hahaha, really?*

So every time I meet him, I straight away lying down on the dental chair, readily open my mouth, hands grab the chair - just to get myself ready if he inserts any painful things to my mouth. I don't worry much because I know he's an expert. It's like, "hello, I have a microchip in my head that stores all the dental kind of things like that and that stores your dental records too, Nicky".

And I never ask him about his plan of treatment regarding my teeth. I just don't bother to know. Also, it's kind of surprise too to know what's waiting for me on the next appointment. Actually, I'm not really excited to know, I just wanna get the things done. As quick as possible.

I remember the first time I met him, he examined my teeth and said, "Okay, this is simple. You want to start now?

I said, "Yaaah" with my mouth wide open so couldn't properly pronounced 'yes'. Not cool. 

And there it goes. He pasted some metal brackets at the first appointment. Then the wire. Then so on and on.

And last week, he gave me this...

I know! My first reaction was also like yours. "Awhhh" - with some painful reaction on face. Followed by disgusting face that I also feel disgusted with my own mouth.

Like, how long really I have to bear with this thing?

The red part in the picture (it's plastic-made material) is stuck on my palate. It's not comfortable but it doesn't hurt. I always feel like there's something accumulated on my upper part of my mouth, so I need to always question myself that is that some remaining food or just that plastic thing?

Andddd the most hateful part is, the plastic thingy makes my tongue becomes so short, suddenly. Because my tongue couldn't reach the palate, instead of reaching the red thing. Now, I am officially have a lisp in speech.


I think on my next appointment, my dentist will start to put some rubbers to pull all my teeth closer to each other. I can feel the pain already.

Haih, so the next three weeks from now, be ready to read my painful post.

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