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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

second baby

If you guys still remember how I fell in love with Fairil here in this novel, I bet you guys still can't forget how amazing the love was. So pure. So exciting.

(Just like how I feel as the real me in the real world).

Wait, she didn't write that novel based on my story, definitely hahaha (it'd be a total miracle if someone would ever write a story about my life - which is a total boring life hahaha). The author was actually a good friend of mine, maybe she liked my name haha.

Okay, so the thing is, my good friend, Admatiza (Eeza) just came out with her latest novel. Wohooo! So thrilling! I knew she was preparing for her second baby and I definitely followed her every progresses, and now tadaaa second novel is born.

In my previous post about her, I wrote about how she managed of juggling her endless work in some of her precious time as a full time student at that particular time and writing a novel at the same time. Of course with the crazy assignments and projects whatsoever.

Now, she's back as a working lady and still be able to write a novel.

She's really progressed!

I'm so thrilled to write about this one (even though she's no longer use my name as a main character, even as a minor character, but never mind Eeza zzz), because I know she's a good writer. Her story will make your heart fluttered. So real and so good.

And let me share her latest novel with you guys. It is called Rindu Menyapa Cinta.

Here's a teaser that Eeza made.

I promise you this will be a good read. Go get a copy guys!

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