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Thursday, December 17, 2015

please be fat

Just finished with 2 exams today (crazy, right?). And so I got home really hungry because I stayed up late last night and I was too tired to eat (I slept with such growling stomach haha), and the only thing I put on my stomach last morning was a cup of hot Milo.

I'd always want to start my day with a huge portion of food as breakfast, like 'breakfast like a king kind of thing' but I can't - maybe because I am not a morning person. My mouth just doesn't feel like eating. I may feel nauseous if I force feeding myself.

So, I rarely have breakfast.

Which is totally not healthy! I remember a few months ago when I just reached Egypt from my summer break in Malaysia, I was having a few episodes of jetlag. So I woke up really early (at 5 am), so by 8 am I already felt really really hungry! At that particular times, I remember I had such prosperous heavy meals throughout the days. I ate 3 to 4 times a day which I thought that was the best achievement of my life hahaha. I was a happy girl!

Because apparently, one of my life goals is to make my body weight normal. I AM UNDERWEIGHT!

Oh, wait, did I mention anything about my hypotension? Sigh, my blood pressure has fallen so low. Plus, I just recover from a pre diabetis which I am still monitoring it till now.

So, what I'd always wanna do is to eat eat and eat. I want to be fat!

Because sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, I'd feel slightly hurt to see how I am getting thinner day by day. My cheek bones are showing on both side, I'm growing my own dished face! And my nose appears so big. Damn.

Yes, my metabolism rate is really high. I keep craving for foods, but I eliminate them real fast. Like, "Eh, already want to poop eh?"

It's worsen every time the exam seasons come.

Well, that's not exactly what I want to write about. Actually, due to my hunger and tiredness from numerous exams today, I came home and craved for asam laksa.

So I made one.

Guys, I'd never know it was that easy. *omg, blow nails*.

Asam Laksa Qissy's Version. Which daun kesums and bunga kantan were specially flown from Malaysia hahaha, And of course, with extra onion!

I at at that age now to blog about food that I cook hahah #facepalm

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