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Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy new year!

The feeling is as same as I celebrated Awal Muharram few months ago. Welcoming new year is fun. You'd filled with hope and trust towards yourself. You believe you could do better next time. You suddenly have dont-know-where-it-comes-from spirit that tells you to be brave and strong in the future ahead.

I feel that.

I don't have specific new year resolutions or whatever. But I just want to be fat.

To be fat for me is equals to being healthy. I wanna fix my BMI which I've actually tried for years but nothing has came out.

(And as a start, I just finished my heavy breakfast with the last-night's pizzas and KFCs leftover -reallyyyyyyyy healthy hahahaha)

And nothing more that I wish for 2016. I'm just gonna go with the flow and rock every moments of the journey. (I don't buy New Year New Me kind of thing, sorry hahaha)

Well, since we are in the exam season now, plus it is winter, so we don't really spend that much of time outside. I'd rather be at home, wrapping myself with my qissy-smelled blanket, switch the heater on the highest heat flow. Our (housemates) kind of new year celebration was just enjoying some good seafood pizzas and called KFC for delivery and watching some movies.

And also it's rare for me to watch animated movies hahaha. You name it, Despicable Me? No. Frozen? No. Baymax? No. No. No. Stop asking.

My actual kind of movie is always about some working, sophisticated woman who knows how to dress up, have a boyfriend who is finally turns out to be a loser or rich man who suddenly becomes an asshole to his woman and all that these women do is to step up and fight. Or something thrilling and family mode movie.

Much less like The Devil Wears Prada, Bride Wars, We Are The Millers, Maze Runner etc. Animated movie? You kidding?

But last night I did. And I'd never knew it's actually fun. Really fun. This movie called Home.

It's really fun actually. How this alien tries to invade earth and finally befriends with human and they help each other to complete their missions.

I fell in love! Guess it's a good start for 2016?

You mean, I'm slowly turning into a kid?



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