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Monday, January 4, 2016

inside out

Just my second animated movie for 2016. Or the second for the rest of my life hahaha.

Well, how should I explain this. After I watch Home, I kinda have a trust on these sort of movies. So I went to see my housemate who is the source of all movies (hehehe) to get a new supply of good movie.

Unbelievably, I asked, "You have anything like Home?"

They laughed. Home was sooooo fun. I wanna have the same vibes again as when I watched Home.

She has a lot of animated movie. But she suggested Inside Out (2015).

Well, we watched it happily despite of the fact that we had an exam 2 days after that.

It was fun. One minute, I could laughed crazily over cute characters and the next minute I'd felt rather sad watching the family got apart. I'm not gonna narrate the whole story to you guys because I believe you guys have actually watched this. I am always far left behind in this category hahaha.

So now, what movie is next?

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