Alya Qistina

Saturday, January 2, 2016

new house

I wrote before about how my house owner 'kicked us out' from my current rental house. So, we needed to look for a new house to live in. Like homeless people, we went around the whole neighborhood searching for any potential houses. We asked local people around. Using as many connections as we had. Exhausted.

We went for so many potential houses. Just to find that they weren't really as potential as we thought. Really, they lacked so many things compared to our old house. Too far. Too dark. Unfamiliar neighborhood. Too expensive.


We had minor headache episodes for a month just thinking about this hahaha.

So, one day, my classmate called me. He said, his house owner was looking for female tenants. I said, we're going to have a look at the house first. My first impression was, "Hmm this is not that bad, but my old house is far way better".

But we really had no choice! The dateline was so near. So, we desperately said, "Okay, we are taking this house. Deposit is paid next week".

Just. Like. That.

Thank god that this new house owner is kind of generous (so far haha), she painted our house neatly to welcome us. So it seems like a new house now. She seems so nice and friendly. And since she lives just upstairs to our house (still on the same building), so she can always come to pay a visit to our house. Things I often hear so far is "Alhamdulillah, helwah giddan. Kuwaisy". (Alhamdulillah, so nice. Good).

Because female tenants take care of the house nicely, of course. Hahaha.

Well, actually it happens that my new house is just behind to my old house. It's really close. So I still live at the same neighborhood. Still living in the familiar surrounding, which is so much comfortable for me.

So, I'm now updating from my new house.


  1. Great that you found a place, female tenants are on average better than male tenants I have to admit that as I rent to men and they have not looked after my property well enough. Also finding a tenant who paints the house neatly is always a keeper. Very few do the own repairs and cover the costs. Well done.

    Mattie @ Buyer's Corner Realty