Alya Qistina

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I was raised by my family as a girl. A real girl. My dad bought me cooking set toys, Barbie dolls whose I can change their clothes and make up. My mum wanted me to wear dresses instead of jeans and short pants, in any occasions, even though during days at home. Except for picnics, they made me wore a bikini.

Maybe because I'm a first daughter, so they wanted me to be extra girlish. I have a big brother. So that's fair and normal for parents.

But that's the point where I started to learn how be a sissy. I took care of my own belongings like I would keep it forever.

My dad sent me to a boarding school. All girl school. My teenage life was all surrounding and exposed by girls with variety kind of attitude. I learnt how to be independent and survive in such environment where we need to do everything by our own. We didn't had boys to help us. We led everything. From administration to sport and entertainment. Funny. Haha.

But I started to learn a little bit about life. Where life actually created me into this strong shape. I used to believe I could live without a man, even though I did had boyfriend at that age of 17.

That was a start where I learnt how to be a strong lady. And I do admire those women who have a power of being a sophisticated lady.

As I grew older, I learn more about life. I get to know few things like work politics, backstabber, education level, family priorities and an awful lot things about money.

And my life is just about to begin. I have huge dreams. I want to be an educated lady. Beauty with brain and attitude. I wanna be a good daughter. Someday, I wanna be a loyal wife and a caring mother to my children. I wanna be good in everything. The thing is one, whatever you're doing, try to do it the best.

That's how women should be..

Happy International Women's Day 2012

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  1. Hey! i read your blogs.I just wanted to let you know that your blogs didn't went unread....and ''happy international women's day'':-)