Alya Qistina

Monday, March 19, 2012


I remember when I was attending my diploma convocation ceremony, my parents were with me in the hall. But they're sitting separately. Which was such a relief, hahaha, so I could talked with my friends non-stop.

So at the beginning of the event, there's a slideshow made by UiTM which showed us something like how parents are so much sacrifice for us. How hard they raise us. How grateful we are to have such wonderful parents who are willing to stay with us in whatever conditions and how much patience they put on us.

So it was a little bit touched. I looked at my friends and they're actually cried. I also wanted to cry but I was afraid if my mom would going to make fun of it. So I hardly hold my tears. Hahaha.

Then I texted my mom in the middle of the slideshow, I said, "Mama, you don't cry okay?"

And guess what my mom replied,

"I don't even feel sad".

Hahahaha. Funny mom is funny!

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