Alya Qistina

Friday, March 9, 2012

Never mind.

People keep complaining me about two things; they said I'm talking non-stop and one thing, I'm always unreachable when they try to contact me through phone.

And maybe this one thing too; I shop a lot.

True story.

Because I own 2 cellphones and I'm using both. And I may be a little bit forgetful, so whenever I wanna go out, I accidentally (or sometimes I purposely) left one of my cellphones, which I rarely use. So if people do contact me through that number, so Miss Kindly Operator will help me to answer them. So they will go like, "Haih, why is it so hard to contact you?" or "Which number are you using now?" Angjwrrvcsalyrwvyt!

Okay. My fault. So my resolution is, I will bring my both cellphones whenever I go out and make sure to not put them in silence mood. But I cannot promise to always keep the cellphones function with full of battery. Sometimes, I'm so lazy to charge them up. What a girl! Sigh.

And another thing. They say I talk too much. And people do complain about me talking a lot. Sometimes they will go like, "Are you not tired talking non-stop?" Or harshly say something like, "Stop! You talk too much".

So my resolution is... Hm. I have no solution for this. I love being me. And that's really me. Never mind, I'll find someone who are deaf to talk to!



  1. i think our 1st problem about the cellphone is same. haha! but the different is, I'm only use one. =D always put it in silent mode and lastly forgot to change it back =.="

  2. Hi Hunnys. It's so funny how people always forgot to put the handphone in active modd again and we are being scold for that, especially by our parents. Haha. But back then, it's funny though.