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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lover of Engineers

I may be a little bit noob in repairing wires, recognized circuit symbols during high school, memorizing those weird Laws made up by the experts.

I know nothing about engineering. What are they doing? Making buildings? Go to construction sites and see if the thing goes properly according to the plans? Make sure the compound of cements and sands and steel is accurate?

Come on.

And, have you ever seen something like this? I don't know what he was calculating. What's the big matter of searching the value of x and y? I don't get it.

Never mind.

I tell you what, I don't get along well with Physics. I'd never got A in Physics. Either it was me who failed to create such chemistry with Physics or maybe the paper was being enough tough. I thank God how SPM was really an ending of me and Physics. Pheww. No more weird Laws, please?

But still, I think they're following me. My bestfriend and my boyfriend are now taking Engineering. Sigh. It's such a torture seeing them study hard and memorize those stuffs. I was once helped Shushy studied by memorizing her lecture note because she had a test the next day. We read the notes and tried to memorized each sentence perfectly. Because according to Shushy, I can memorize very well, ehem. Haha. So we study Cement together. -_-

I studied Physics with Ameerul. I learnt about Calculus with them. I was forced to listened to Shushy's explanation about Steel.

It was fun when it came to this where you just only have to sit down and listened to what she taught, where she pretended to be my lecturer. And nodding your head as a sign that showed you understand to what she told you, (for actually you're not, obviously). But I know how hard it is for them to survive those killing papers by their own. Poor little engineers.

And now they're on final exams weeks!

Good luck Shushy and Ameerul. Allah's with you. Amin. :)

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