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Sunday, May 6, 2012


I remember when I was crazily looking for a job after I finished my Diploma study, there's one woman who called me claimed that she's a Head of Pharmacist at KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital, asking me if I wanted to work with her as a Pharmacy Assistant. So I sent her my resume, came all the way down to Tawakkal and I was being interviewed by two personnels; one man with a thick coat and a beautiful lady - I couldn't guess what age she was in. She looked amazingly beautiful. Tall, bright skin face with a small birth mark on her nose. All I could ever thought was that, she's really lucky, I mean she's beautiful, she must has a good job and of course, she's rich. 

So she was Puan Zarihasyum, we call her Pn Zari, our former boss and last week was her very last day with us at Tawakkal since she has been transferred to KPJ Damansara as an Operation Manager. Congratulations Boss. 

So we're organizing a so called dinner just to celebrate our boss.

Puan Zari read this and said, "Yes, I promise to never forget you all". Sob sob. Whose idea to write this on this cake?

Told yaaa, she's beautiful. Her speech went like, "Saya tak sangka dapat kenaikan pangkat tu. Seluruh jiwa raga saya sebenarnya untuk Tawakkal. Saya tak pernah terfikir untuk pergi lebih jauh dari ini, saya mahu jadi pharmacist sebab ubat dengan saya sudah sebati."

Lebih kurang laa.

Two pharmacists left; Puan Faridah and Madam Sumita. Eh, I dengan Madam takde la jauh sangat beza tingginya kan? LOL!

What's with you, Iffni Suraya? Haha.

Chaos scene 1.

Chaos scene 2.


These are my colleagues at Tawakkal. So it was such a really good night when we're managed to gather and we actually made it happened. Because if you notice some of us were still wearing our uniforms cause they might just came back from work. I understand that it's such a really tired day for everyone after a long working day and who cares about tiredness when we realized this was the last day of our boss?

I whispered to her, "Can ah after 5 years, I send my resume to Damansara and you take me working with you?"

 If you know what I mean.

May Allah will always be with you. Even though you're making fun of my height (the picture above). Hehehe. I will never forget you as my very first employer. The one who took me working with a great huge company. Tell me, where's good in goodbye?

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