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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Happy Labour's Day guys. I know I'm late. Always late. Everyone is already start with their works and I only have a chance to wish. But still, there's no different for me since I had to go working on 1st May. 8 am and I already at Tawakkal when everybody else was still sleeping soundly and covered themselves with warm blanket, then waking up only to get themselves ready to go out shopping. Ahh, what a relieve. Is that just nice? So please be thankful that we're still be given a chance to do that.

My entire week was the most worst ever. I'd never felt as tired as I felt on this week long. I worked double shift 2 days in a row, which I started at 8.30 am and only came back at 9 pm. Then, I worked on evening shift the next day - and I only came back after midnight since we had a so called farewell dinner with my former boss. I spent most of my time at Tawakkal. I prayed there - hampir semua waktu solat! I changed my clothes there. I ate there. I took some quick naps there. I washed my face there. It's just like my second home.

 It's really tired. I slept with my uniform on when I got home! I didn't care if I didn't take my meals on time, I just wanted to sleep. Bad. Real bad. Haha. 

But it's work. Kenapa berkira sangat? At least it gives you money. When you work hard on something and you receive a good result/pay for it, you know that's the best feeling and it's really paid off.

I ended my work shift at 3.30pm last time. Guess who picked me up?

Ameerul la, who else. Haha. 

 We're spending an evening together at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, berpeleseran, haha and I bought myself some things for Hari Raya. I know it's too early. Biar lah. Haha.

It was such a good day and I didn't go to Jalan TAR for so long since last raya, I guess or maybe I don't remember. But it's kind of stress reliever after such long-hectic-tired week.

Let's start a new week enthusiastically.

Have a good day guys. :)

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