Alya Qistina

Friday, May 18, 2012

What to bring?

If Allah wills, I'm going to further my study in Egypt in couple of months from now. Times.. Really has a funny way of passing us without we realize it. It's almost a year since I first working at Tawakkal. Well, I'm going to resign soon and I'm going to miss Tawakkal. Those people there. Those memories together. Those friendly environment and ahh salary... Salary, guys. 

So since I'm going to Egypt soon and since I'm so lazy and dependent, I texted few of my friends and asked them to help me making a list of what to bring to Egypt (to ease my work. I'm so selfish, am I?). Hehe.

Text Message 1- Shushy

Me: Dear, can you help me?
Her: Yes, what can I help you?
Me: Since I'm going to Egypt soon, can you help me doing the list of what to bring?
Her: Yes, sure. At least I contribute something. You want it now?
Me: No, take your time. But don't forget to put "Mini Shopaholic" novel to the list.
Her: Don't want.


Text Message 2- Syadie

Me: Can you help me? (Forwarded message)
Her: Yes, why darling?
Me:  Since I'm going to Egypt soon, can you help me doing the list of what to bring? (Forwarded message, again)
Her: Okay dear. Treat me with Dominos. 
Me: If only I satisfy with the list. Or at least half of pizza only.

Text Message 3-Iffni Suraya

Iffni is my colleague at Tawakkal. The conversation was much less like those above. I can say, Iffni can be the best employee to her company, she works super fast. Seriously. Only 2 hours after I texted her, she sent me a long list as follow..

(Click to read it clear)

Impressive. Haha.

God, she's really like my alter ego. Iffni, are you stalking on me? Cause she knows what I need. Haha. Especially on the HEALTH part. Those are my regular medicines; Ural, Synflex. LOL.

And the list wasn't only about that. I was touched when she said, maybe I should bring my along my family photos, Ameerul's, Shushy's and she hoped I would bring hers too.

So I replied, I didn't want to do so, cause she's coming with me, isn't she? (She got the offer too, but still in the mood of making the decision. So what I can only do is, coax her, cox her, coax her).

Come with me pleaseeee?

This was Iffni, after 2 weeks of we knew each other. I remember the time this photo was taken, she said, "Kita tak suka bergambar, malu la".

Malu konon! -_-


  1. sekarang summer.egypt panas,bawak blouse cotton banyak2.dengan bawak flats/sneakers.egypt berdebu.nak pakai heels mmg taklah.hehe.

    pasal baju sejuk ke tak payah risau.sini banyak gila bole shopping.nanti da masuk winter macam2 collection keluar.boleh tahan cantiklah.dan harga berpatutan.

    produk internantional utk pencuci muka,dgn toileterissemua ade.kecuali kalau suka guna produk2 susu kambing mcm safi ke shurah ke.bawak sendiri buat stok.haha

    dan jangan lupa,bawak berus baju.sini punya berus baju macam nak kasik koyak kain.

    harap membantu:0 peace~

  2. Miss Hidayah Azman,

    Ya Allah, Allah meets me with the right person. Haha. Terima kasih banyak banyak. Untung ada kawan macam awak ni, banyak menolong. Thanks, again. Sekarang dah start buat list tapi still blur, what to bring and what should not. :D

  3. again you made me cry kak qis.
    am I working super fast? super fast making errors too sometimes..
    if fate does not permit me to go with you, don't worry because my prayers and thoughts will always be with you.
    **is that picture was me almost 1 year ago? i am so big. euwww