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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Of Becky Bloomwood

I just couldn't resist Sophie Kinsella's.

I mean, why being a girl without chick-lit novels?

I barely read novel these past few months, I don't know why, maybe I just started with work shift so I kind of busy-not-used-to-shift-kind-of-work or something. So I didn't.

But I missed Rebecca Bloomwood. How tricky she was with her bank manager who chased after her and her debt. How romantic and perfect Luke Brandon was. How funny when she thought her husband was having an affair and she actually hired a private investigator over Luke. When Luke's ex girlfriend was trying to steal him from Becky, and I got so emotional and imagine if I was Becky. I told this to Ameerul on how I hate Luke's ex girlfriend, how annoying she was when she told Becky not to be so confident about Luke and I'm not going to let it happen to me and my future family. So Ameerul said, "It was just a story, why so emo?". Okay fine....

Call me addicted, but I really am. Haha.

So since Sophie Kinsella is just releasing her new novel, I've Got Your Number and I think that would be really great if I could read it any sooner. And since I'm so missing Rebecca Bloomwood, so I reread those novels again - which is total addictive!


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