Alya Qistina

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Happy Mother's Day guys. :)

Everybody was talking about celebrating it halal haram and so forth. And personally I think that is all about our intention. How we want it to be celebrated. And for sure we just want to appreciate our moms. Right?

I can't imagine living without my mum. Seriously, how? Because she's the one who taught me everything from the beginning. Teaching me how to fold my clothes right, helping me how to read and write correctly, telling me to always be good and always reminds me about my responsibility in life and those countless sacrifices that she has done. Goodness, how am I supposed to know a real love if it's not from her?

I sound emotional. Haha, pardon me.

Well, speaking about my mum reminds me of our conversation last week when she told me to resign earlier from my work, well, since I'm going to go to Egypt this September (I'm going to continue my study, and I hope I can do it), Mama said she wanted me to spend some times with her before I go.

Sad much, I know. Leaving my loved ones for ages is the last thing that I wanna do. What sadden when Mama said, "It's okay, Mama restu". Almost got me burst into tears. Well, I'm chasing my dream because family, education and money are always my priorities.


Happy mummy's day, guys!


  1. further study in pharmacy jugak?? wow! :D

  2. salam and hi.i'm your reader=phehe
    really?further dkt egypt dkt mane?
    I'm third year, mansoura university,egypt.
    just case you going here for real.

  3. coming here qist? wow!! Alhamdulillah.. welcome welcome! :)