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Friday, April 27, 2012

Vegetable hair

What a relieve. Two days off passed and it gave me a short break from work. But work isn't being that cruel lately. Everything is just smooth. And since Ameerul is on his semester break, we actually meet up more often. Which is super yay! Haha. 

So we're off to Cameron Highlands. We needed fresh air! LOL.

And accompanied by these amazing people..

Makan time. I was so hungry since I hadn't eat anything but my stomach was full with wind already so it pretty gave me unpleasant feeling. I was so dizzy all the way down there until I wanna feel like vomit. Seriously guys, you can't me bring me anywhere! But shopping can!

Him: What do you want to eat?
Me: You!

We ate all of these! 

Ameerul's wallet with my passport photos inside. Oh man, don''t love me this much. Haha.

It's a cupcakes time when Mariyah made such delicious cupcakes for Hasnan, her boyfriend, so everybody's mouths were salivating all over, including Ameerul, of course.

It's delicious, I swear. The icing was nice, sweet on its own way.

I wanna replace my hair with this vegetable since it's so fresh, can ah?

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