Alya Qistina

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Welcome 2 days off. Wohoo. And my salary is about to out tomorrow. We'll see how I manage with this this time. Hee. I've made a list about what to do, what to buy, so, I'm sort of attached to it.

But, I don't trust my own budget. So, why bother much about following the list. It's much less giving you  pressure on what to buy and what's not. Kind of having a strict discipline in buying things. Pleaseee. Life is more than about facing a pressure, so avoid them, that's the best. My point is, buy everything that you want. I'll guarantee you happiness. LOL. Kill me! :p


  1. u are sooo flawless and im so jealous. hihi. jk. :D btw, i'll feel guilty when i spend too much money. huhu