Alya Qistina

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fake siblings

1. One staff at Tawakkal asked me, "Hajaaar! Baru lunch?" I was like, haaa? She must got the wrong person. Hahaha.

2. One Tawakkal staff asked Kak Hajar, "Why are you laughing at me?" Kak Hajar told him that Kak Hajar was just only arrived at Tawakkal. That boy got a wrong person. It was me who actually laughed at him.

3. One of Haslam restaurant staff told Kak Hajar, "Eh adik kan, tunggu bus kan? Asyik bercakap phone je, dengan handbag besar. Bahaya, nanti kena ragut.". Hahaha. She thought Kak Hajar was me.

4. Practical students thought Kak Hajar and I were siblings. So I told them, yes we were siblings with different dad. Hahaha. They wanted us to show our ICs. Sigh.

5. Whenever I picked up Tawakkal phone, people on the other line must thought I was Kak Hajar.

Now tell me, which one is me and which one is Kak Hajar? Hahaha. Easy question, I'll give you 10 bucks! Lol.


  1. u are the one with black top! kan kan?

  2. Hahaha did we really resemble each other, huh? Yes, I was wearing black cardigan.