Alya Qistina

Saturday, April 7, 2012


This picture above was taken during my convocation day and I posted it on my Facebook, anddd to my utter surprise my friends commented on it, telling my face was a bit like Wawa Zainal. Oh God. You know Wawa Zainal? Never mind. You can always Google it up (because I did Google it too). Hahaha. Well, who knows just in case if they just wanna tease me, for actually Wawa Zainal doesn't have a nose, who knows. But thank God, Wawa Zainal was just fine. Lololol!

And someone was being all jealous and envy me, so Shushy posted this to my Twitter,

Ha Ha Ha. Crazy. She said again, "I don't get why people said so". So I replied, "Because obviously people do have a good taste, unlike you". Gosh, I did it for purpose to make her sakit hati. Haha.

But still, I love her. Who doesn't love her best friend?

Because she is all that I have. I remember one time ago, when I was outside doing my passport and I knew ThePopLook was going to update their new stocks but obviously I couldn't went online since I was in the middle of settling up my thing so I called her all the way just to ask her to describe everything.

She was like, "Ya Allah, semata-mata?"

Me, "Please, I'm so desperate".

Shushy, "You've never changed".

Me, "Yes, please. Do click 'What's New' tab and look for a dress with light brown colour named Colour Block Maxi".

2 minutes later..

Shushy, "I couldn't find any".

Me, "Loser. Haaaa!"

This dress, I'd really want this. I'd waited for this for almost 1 month. Sigh. So, when I was online obviously it was already sold out. I know it's hurt. Never mind. But I kept waiting for them to restock this back (I refreshed this website every 5 minutes and I knew I was so lucky when I saw it's still in stock).

Didn't wanna waste my time, so I bought this. Haha. Am so fragile, I'm sorry.

Shushy knew this dress was already sold out so she was pretty shocked when I've managed to still buy this dress.

She asked me, "How you do that?"

I said, "You know, sometimes people were born with a great luck, and one of them is me. Haha".

Euw, I'm so annoying! Hahaha. Hate me now!