Alya Qistina

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Water Baby

Sophea Isabella yalls! Cute, is she? She is 8 months old and she can swim! Please be impressed, she's only 8 months old. Sophea Isabella is a first daughter of Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and Dr Halina and will be a Malaysian sweetheart, trust me.

I'm so obsessed with this little kid until I will keep refreshing her mom's blog every 30 minutes just to make sure it's updated. (Don't wanna miss new updates about Bella). Sooo obsessed.

And I bet everybody knows her mom was using water birth method in delivering her. So maybe, she gets used to water, see this..

Hello world, I'm in water!

So, I'm saying that I wanna use water birth method too. And start teaching my children swimming in early ages. But, maybe I need to attend myself to swimming class first. Heheee!

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