Alya Qistina

Monday, April 9, 2012

Radio Buruk

Just to inform, we have two pharmacies in Tawakkal; Outpatient Pharmacy and Inpatient Pharmacy. But sometimes we are scheduled to work in both pharmacies.

So one day, when I was in Inpatient, I called my friend who was in Outpatient.

Him: Hello, Pharmacy.

Me: Hello, who is this?

Him: This is Raj.

Me: Who?

Him: Raj.

Me: Who? (Such an annoying me! Haha).

Him: This is Raj, student.

Me: Okay. I just wanna ask, is there any parcel received in Outpatient named Nik Alya?

Him: Okay, hold on.

I heard him screaming, "Kak Zureen, the patient Nik Alya's parcel is already arrive okay.

Me: (speechless)

Hahaha. What he actually listened? Oh my God.

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