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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lazy day

It wasn't that lazy actually. I was on my day off from work and Ameerul is now having his semester break! Wohoo! My boyfriend is come back. Hehe.

1. I woke up as early as the rooster crowing. No, I lie. Ameerul called me telling he was on his way to my home. And he requested me to cook him fried noodle. Amboi?

2. Guess where this boy took me? Seremban. Haha. Far, I know. He refused to dating me in KL cause he said KL always jam. True. So lunch time!

I have a huge urge towards sambal udang lately. I have eaten sambal udang these past days and that makes me crave even more. Addicted, am I?

3. Next, we went watching movie. Had a little argument at first in choosing what movie to watch. I said, I wanted The Vow. I have been waiting the whole month for him to come back and watched it together. But he said, he wanted to watch Wrath of The Titan or something something I don't remember the tittle. I said, okay, watch your movie! Then, guess who slept in the cinema? HIM! He slept almost at half of the movie. Oh God, if only I knew he would heartlessly slept, I would never follow him watching movie! Haha. It wasn't my genre, what do you expect boyfriend? Sleeping together? LOL.

4. Karaoke time! This is my hobby, true. But still, I guess he was so sleepy when he slept throughout those 2 hours.

5. Picnic! He took me to the Lake Garden so we had a little tea time together.

This was the fried noodle that I cook. He said it was delicious. Yummy! Haha. *blow nails. I can get married now, no Daddy?

6. He sent me home late at night. And we're actually had no idea where else to go, so we parked our car in front of whatever shops, lying down our car seats and we ate all of our junk foods. We talked about crazy things like when we will get married and where will we live after marriage. He slid opened his roof of the convertible car so that we could see the stars. Haha. He was funny. And he started to feel sleepy, that's why he acted weird. Hmh! :)


Thank you Ameerul. It was really nice spending time with you. Love you yaww!

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