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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Technology seriously needs to slow down.

Who invented e-cigarette/vapor by the way?

I mean, thank you dude. You are probably going to get your own Nobel prize among your followers. But you just give me another headache instead.

Whoah, look at me growing up. Hahaha. I've got a headache over a man now (not cool guys, my future daughters can't read this).

Ameerul is a heavy smoker, no secret. His mom knew about this and probably has suffered from numerous episodes of headache. I can feel you. Cause now I think we are sharing the same headaches.

What's so good about smoking? It's not that his mom never tells him to stop. It's not that I never warn him about how dangerous smoking is.

I wanted to make smoking sounded scary for him, I would went like, "You know, almost all the diseases I've ever learnt at school are coming from smoking as co-factor".

He gave me promising responses after that. But that only lasted for few days. And now my tricks are useless.

And sometimes when we were out dating, I said, "Don't talk to me. You smell bad".

Yes, I am mean.

But not working.

I remember I hid his pack of cigarettes inside the flower vase at his house. He was so much restless trying to find that. (The same reaction I give when I find my favourite stores put up sale signs but I don't have much money to shop).

But I watched him in giggles. He's desperately begging me to give him that back. Of course I refused to do so. Then I sat with his mom at the dining table for teas, he watched me from afar, narrowing his eyes, and I could read his mouth said "Siap la you". Hahaha of course I laughed until his mom found this weird. But his mom agreed on not to give this up.

But I felt so irritated cause he's constantly and insanely begging me for that. So I gave up.

But now he moves to vapor. His initial intention is to stop smoking (which I have heard for almost 5 years now) so he gradually tries to do it slowly.

Well, good luck to you.

*I'm sure that Nobel prize inventor laughs at us now.

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