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Thursday, October 22, 2015

week 4 semester 7

Now, it is week 4 already?

It's true I'm looking forward to end this semester. Cause I'm excited for a winter break. Who doesn't love break/holiday?

And one more thing, I find it hard to survive in this hot weather, so I'm waiting for the temperature to chill a little bit. (Autumn doesn't usually comes this slow!)

But week 4 already now? Honestly, I'm afraid.

Because it means that mid term exams are approaching. Then I probably have no more time to be lazying around since I'll be contented by books for practical exams that will follow after that.

And final exams come.



I'm starting to dislike my clinical year. It's boring. Most of subjects I've learnt aren't really my cup of tea. I'd prefer Pharmacology/Pharmacotheraphy. You know, things that deal with diseases and drugs. (That's why I have this dream to pursue a master degree in Pharmacology. But Pathology is a big no no).

Unlike Pharmaceutical Biotechnology now that teaches you on how to culture microbes. Gene cloning. Chromosome. DNA Recombinant. Vaccine. Or am I judging too soon? Still have lots more chapters to go.

And unlike Pharmaceutical Microbiology. So far, I learn about sterilization. How they want to make everything sterile by using machines. Machines again? Definitely not on my fav list.

But Controlled Drug Delivery System is fun. It's cool!

Well, I'm now rating my own course.

Guys, don't get me wrong. I love what I'm doing now. But of course I can sense all these boringness coming. I'm not complaining here, instead I'm thankful. To get a chance to study the course that I've ever liked.

But yawning every 30 minutes in class is forgivable right? Hahaha. At least I'm trying to stay focus - not playing with my phone! Lol. And sometimes I try to participate by asking few questions. Cause this is knowledge. No matter how boring it is (no offense, Dr Hesham), this is so important in the future.


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