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Sunday, October 11, 2015

still summer

My only wish is to escape summer here. And I guess it's patiently waiting for me to come back. It's still summer in Egypt. Or late summer to be accurate, we are approaching to fall. Which I can't wait. 

Because apparently it's really hot here - I'm sweating so much. I can feel the sunlight penetrates my head. I couldn't forget how I struggled to get into the public transport just now. I literally scrambled among ocean of people under the very hot sun (and everyone's sweat too!). 

I'm so sorry if this post comes up as a complain but trust me, my only point is to just say that I'm so tired. Summer means extra energy, extra water, extra everything. I will rush to home just to stand still in front of the stand fan. Hahaha.

(But my lecture rooms have aircond, no worries. Rest well, sweat gland.)

But, wait! 

Fyi, there's still ongoing construction on the rooftop of our faculty and I'm always wondering how strong these people are to work so so so hard (despite of any weather) just to get their work done. And to feed their families too, of course.

You I may think it's so stressful to walking in sweat under the hot sun. Compared to these people, my problem is really nothing.

The upside of this construction, I have a new #ootd spot now. You know, sometimes with 'dangerous' theme. Hahaha.

And this! 

Which had been lingering on my mind since I was in Malaysia. I missed Egyptian foods! And this one is an exception! - a must have! Despite of any temperatures! I'd walked 10 minutes for this hahaha.

 There are still a few things on the list. But for now, I don't really feel like going out since it's still hot outside. I'll patiently wait for fall for my next favourite, Nasi Mandy Yamani. 

I wonder if I get pregnant in Malaysia and demanding these Egyptian delicious foods? Any international delivery? *cries*

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