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Friday, October 23, 2015

Dear Future Me 2

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Dear Future Me, 

I know you are afraid to receive this letter. Because by the time you receive this letter you will be 30. Don't bother to slap your face, it's true. You are 30. Hahaha. You're counting your wrinkles, no?

So 2020 has been great so far? Any flying cars over there? It's 2015 now here, you are 25 year old lady. But still pretending to be a teenager, of course because you are surrounded by teenage classmates haha.

Well, I'd like to tell you in case you are already forgot that your 20's is so much fun. You were one happy girl. Your only problem was assignment. But still going to school was something fun you ever did. Going to lecture halls and laughed with friends. You think you were funny enough, so you cracked jokes all the time. Your classmates seemed to find you funny, so they laughed along. It's really fun.

You were their class president, remember?

(You missed your campus life really bad, huh?)

You were one happy-go-lucky girl (I mean, woman). You sang just after you opened your eyes every morning. You enjoyed cooking (sometimes lazy also). You watched numerous series of Korean dramas. I bet you are jealous to reminisce this, no working lady?

And waking up late at whatever time you wanted. Actually, you thought you wanted to change your lifestyle especially your bad sleeping pattern. But that one, even your 25-year-old self would probably gave up already hehehe.

Okay, move to another topic. You work? What do you do for living? Pharmacist? Fun? On call is really fun, no? Lol. I know you are missing to be me, right? Hahaha.

How's family? Has the family expands so much? How's friends? Still keep in touch?

They were your source of happiness back then. Don't ever forget them.

So old lady, how many kids have you own now? 

Oh wait! You're finally married? Alhamdulillah then haha. So your husband is still the same Ameerul that I've dated now? Wow you tough girl - I mean he's the tough one here to stand your banyak songeh attitude  hehehe. So, has he stopped smoking? Vape off already? Hahaha. So probably the headache has finally disappeared, right? Or another headaches come now? 

Well, woman. No matter what are you doing now. What problems are you facing now.

 I believe you know that life isn't going to be easy all the time. But remember this, you are one tough lady. You've suffered from so many challenges before. You weren't able to get to study in local university before. You survived staying in Egypt for years and away from family. 

You see? Allah has his way of showing you his endless blessings. Just be tough, Allah is there.

Okay wrinkled lady, your 25-year-old self is really feel like sleeping now. Because a student like me needs a lot of nap time hahaha. I'll see you 5 years later.

Take care. Be humble. Be cool. But still be awesome (Qistina's second law).

Much love, 
Just younger version of you.

(Nik Qistina, in front of Faculty of Pharmacy Zagazig University, 2015)

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  1. Wow,u r a senior to me ,i am studying in the same college ,but i am younger ,this 2018 is mY third year in college , i pass by your future massege to your older version by chance when i am searching for college logo for an activity to ceutics department,u still remember it ? Or u still studing there ? Are u graduated ? i am egyptian, i am suffering too ,hahahah .
    I love kdrama and kpop as well, hehehehe
    i wish u best of luck , hope allah will guid u to the best and achive ur dreams

    Fatma siam