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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello there

Hello there semester 7 (Year 4). Whoahh seriously year 4 now? Time surely has passed so fast. When was it the first time I stepped on Egypt?

Look at these notes and books I've collected since Year 1, with dust on them, I mean since when did I collect them? Hahaha. Did I really once memorize all the words from them?  Did I really buy that thick Pharmacology book? Euw hahaha!

These clothes. That explains how my wardrobe collapsed. I'm clothes collector, no?

And I wonder how much instant noodles and Nescafe have I consumed so far? You guys have digested well, no dear instant noodles?

I'm thankful after all. I mean, I've come this far with thousand miles away from people in Malaysia. I have survived with bad and good of Egypt and Egyptians (you have no idea how they are, experience yourself). And thank you for the chance of teaching me to be a good cook. I can cook all sort of dishes now - which I knew nothing about before.

Another 2 years to go now. It's 5 years in total. But I'd like to explain that this course is really taking 5 years. Not that I have failed some papers or whatnot. Because people really like to talk about other people okay, so I feel like people are questioning why it takes so long for me to graduate (makciks will compare to their kids' duration of study) hahaha.

So now I hope these coming 2 years would be as fast as before.

I know I'm so gonna miss this. My room, Egypt, lecturers and my me time which I impossibly will get once I graduate.

But chill guys, too early to think. It's only Year 4. Let have some fun time and pretend to still be like a teenager!

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