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Saturday, October 17, 2015

teeth update

My teeth are lucky. They have their own blog update.

I remember I've told you how few brackets had fall off of my teeth. And I went for my first dental appointment after summer break hoping to get my teeth to be fixed as soon as possible.

I was quite nervous to see the dentist, I wonder how would doctor react to my broken braces. While waiting for my turn, I was anxiously went online on Twitter, read some tweets but I couldn't focus. I played games but my mind was already inside in the doctor's room.

My turn arrived. I lied down straightaway on the chair. Doctor asked me how was my holiday while asking me to open my mouth.


"Ooooh my god!" - First words from him.

"Am I that bad?" - my heart uttered some words.

"It couldn't have been so bad right? Of course I'm not his worst patient." - I convinced myself.

Of course. He would probably has met a lot more patients who have worse cases than this. Me? Oh, just few brackets fell off. (and actually the whole wire!)

He probably overreacted a little bit. But trust me, he is actually so cool.

And last week, he put on some more brackets on the lower side of teeth. This one, oh my god, I tell you they hurt me so much. In every way. You eat, you sleep, you talk. U can imagine how hurt it is to bite your own lips together with a metal piece.

"Whyyyyy" "Nooooooo" "Arghhhh" - just normal everyday's sayings now.

Ameerul, on the other hand seems so relax. He's acting cool. Cause he doesn't feel this. His only soothing words for me are, "It's normal. You want to be pretty right?"

Hmm. So motivational. #sarcastic

My next appointment is in 3 weeks time.

We'll see what more could be added to my normal sayings then. Hahaha.

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