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Monday, October 19, 2015


Things I’d been looking forward last summer break; practical training attachment. Which happened to me at one of governmental hospitals just near to my house (5 mins by car – which explain why I always late cause I loved dragging time. Procrastination hahaha).

Well, only for 2 weeks. Which I think it was just so perfect. Not too long, yet not too short. And apparently, it’s actually just too short to learn new things in a new environment. But still, I’d prefer it that way. 2 weeks was enough. Hahaha.

Not-a-morning-person morning's face.

It was good. I’ve learn new things. I made friends. It’s really good to go back into the pharmacy and did all the pharmacy thingy that I used to do back then during my pharmacy-assistant days. You know, translating prescription (they are now practicing online prescribing which makes things so much easier – no more illegible handwriting. Well, another headache disappears hahaha), filling the meds, and all.

Andddd as I was going there as a pharmacist to be this time, of course there would be lots of new things that I’ve learnt. Drug doses, drug calculations, TPN and CDR stuffs, bedside counseling, bla bla bla.

I was interested. No tense. No pressure. 

Cause I really played an intern here. Means, you can be playful but you need to know when to learn. (Qistina's first law). Being an intern, it's all now depends on you - to learn or to just fulfill the logbook. 

I was being a pure student here. I asked questions if I didn't know. I read numerous drugs leaflets. I practiced on my drug doses calculations. I attended drug-related presentation. I went for bedside counselling at wards. And most of all, I attended almost all Eid open houses at every hospital departments - cause I thought I needed to play a student here (what is a shame? hahaha).

Plus the working environment there was so much fun. They're really a perfect sync team. Friendly. Still keep in touch with them. And they ate a lot - which I found it fun. 

And I realize there are so many things that I need to learn. I need to learn more!

So, Miss Faizah, anything you want from Egypt? *bribe* 

It comes to me that, when I heard people telling me how their studies and actual working life only have a little connection, it means not everything they learn are applicable in the real working life, I was like, “You are lucky! God chooses you!” Hahaha

Because in my field (and some other fields too), there’s 100% connection between things I learn and things I need to do as pharmacist. Theory and practical. In other words, even a word is so much important in my studies. Cause you’re going to practice it in a real life.

I may not remember all the things I’ve learnt. Or you do?

So maybe I need to just get married to books.


*Grab dusted lecture notes*

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