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Saturday, October 10, 2015

moving out

There’s always a less fortunate thing that happened just after I started my new semester. Last time if you guys still remember, my wardrobe collapsed leaving my clothes unsheltered. And until now, I’m manually hanging all my clothes on the long stick which I horizontally place it on top of opened windows. It really breaks my heart to see some dust collected on top of them. Like I just washed them!

And now, big thing happens. The house owner asks us move out, simply because the contract is over and he refuses to renew it.

Like really? Can he just wait for another 2 years until we graduate? Just bloody 2 years. He said no. That means we need to find a new house.

Of course he said it in a nice way. He’s nice by heart, I know. Believe it or not, he has offered us the lowest rental fee so far compared to the other house owner. And he gives us as much time as we need to find a new rental house.

But I don’t get it. I can’t take it.

I love my current house so much. Everything about it. Cold. Peaceful. Away from noises. Facilities. This neighborhood. My 5-minute-walking-distance dental clinic. Such friendly and nice house owner – not the one who asks us to out, this one I mean another one. You know, everything I need is here.

And I never have any intention to move out since the first time I got into this house 3 years ago.


Finding a new house may be difficult, but letting this house to go will be more difficult to do for me. Moving on is not my specialty.

And now we have a few houses on the list. The good thing about staying in Zagazig is most of the residences are so near to campus, means no problem regarding transportation. Plus the house owners seem to love Malaysian tenants so much, so less burden there for us.

So okay, we are going to see a new potential rental house after this. I’m gonna get ready.


 Update: First house - a big no no. I don't like it. *scribble long lines on the first choice* *cries a river*

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