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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

braces story

I wonder if braces are really invented for impatient people like me?

I haven't get my braces serviced/changed for almost 3 months now - only get fully treatment in Egypt with Dr Mahmoud.

I went to see a local dentist last month, and he said I needed to do one filling. There's a hole at my upper teeth. My dear, I only get my whole teeth done last month and the main dentist Dr Ahmed said everything was fine.

What have I done to myself?

Hahaha but I refused to get a filling cause I insisted of doing so in Egypt cause I already paid for it. (Including the braces set). So now I think the hole is getting bigger, it hurts so much everytime I bite into something cold and juicy. Damn it.

But wait.. the worst part has not come yet. Haha. My bracket fell off the tooth! Just because I bit the crab! Hahaha. Was I so manja or people with braces should avoid that kind of food? Neither both are me.

Never. Avoid. Food. While. You. In. Malaysia.

It was so annoying that the bracket kept hanging on the wire. So I needed to always adjust the position properly.

Well, okay.

Next was, another bracket fell off again! This time it was due to me biting a pen. Basically I put the pen under my bracket to support my whole head.

Trust me, the more you read this, the more you think I'm weird.

I came back home and I pulled all the wire out. There it went. Now my teeth seem like an undone construction site. Lol.

And I just knew that, if you take off brackets from the teeth, your teeth will be so yellowish.

Now I become a laugh stock to Ameerul. Cause I used to always make fun of his yellowish teeth. You dirty smoker.

Now he has a point to joke around about my weakness.

Okay, so now. I have to wait for another 3 weeks to get my teeth repaired.

p/s: I'm going back to Egypt in 3 weeks.

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