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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Donald Duck

Is it true that braces can change your face shape?

I heard this a lot.

Of course, nothing has changed to my face structure within this one month, but since the dentist put something over your teeth, they make a thickened layer, and my upper lip is kind of pouting naturally.

Which I never noticed.

I sent my selfies to Ameerul, he asked me, "Are you okay like that? Are you comfortable like that?"

Me, "Like what?"

He said again, "Does it feels like something bothering you up there?"

Me, "No, never thought about that".

So I looked at that picture closely, yeah, Donald Duck junior detected!

The good things about putting on these metals are that, I start to take a reallyyyy good care of my oral hygiene. I'm brushing my teeth so frequent now - after meals, before praying, coming back from school, before sleep and sometimes that I just feel like brushing my teeth - that I need to change my toothbrush quite often than before since they tend to wear off easily due to the frequent use hahaha (I just bought new toothbrushes just now by the way - which the grocery keeper would probably think what the heck does this girl would do with so much toothbrushes).

And reading articles as much as I can about these oral thingy. I spent good 10 minutes watching people making a demo on how to brush the teeth properly. Studying teeth and braces structures. Reading people's experiences about braces. Checking your teeth in the mirror few times in the middle of study. Staring at your bracketed teeth and wonder how they will rearrange themselves for perfect positions. Hahaha.

I'm so so so weird like that.

I've never been so useful toward myself like this! *proud*


Or this will only last for few months? Lol.

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