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Friday, June 5, 2015

living diary

Best friend is when.. She remembers something you did 10 years ago when you yourself don't even have any idea about it. 

Shushy is being extra clingy these days. Not even a day has passed without her WhatsApp texts. 


"Whatchu doing?"

"Finish exam?"

"Accompany me to sleep please"

We don't really meet each other too often. Distance factor, maybe. So it means we don't really have a chance to create more and more memories together. No more silly things together. No more new ideas together.

So what we do is, we keep reminiscing those good old times and starting to laugh over them over and over again.

And keep updating about each other and others (i.e: gossips) haha. She's your best partner when it comes to gossips. She's like a gossips bank and I'm the best investor in her bank. Hahaha.

We've been together for more like 11 years and of course, there's so many memories together.

She's recalling them one by one.

Things I did 5 years ago. Things I said 7 years ago. All that in her mind.

Good. She's like a living diary of mine.

And so do I. I remember things she did 6 years ago clearly. 

Of course, we do fight, in fact, a lot! Hahaha. I swear, I was really mad at her whenever we got into fight. We started to throw hateful words to each other. We said bad things to each other just to make everyone felt bad. 

But we made up just after the fight just because we had new gossips to share, couldn't wait any longer haha. 

That's how we roll. 

So, if you're happen to read this, be my living diary forever and stay by my side even if my hair would turns grayish. 

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