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Monday, June 22, 2015

counting days

I've told you guys that I already finished with my final exams this semester. And I supposed to go back to Malaysia earlier, but I choose to spend my Ramadan here hahaha can't believe you still read and trust that, perhaps, okay truthfully, due to some circumstances regarding the airlines terms and condition, I have to wait for more than a week.

Everyone knows I'm impatient.

Plus it's Ramadan now. I was worried at first. But well, it isn't that bad so far.

Because I'm staying inside most of the time. I mean, all the times! Except if I really have to go out; like going to shop some souvenirs for my family in Malaysia. And buying things people in Malaysia ask me to buy. Anddd, here comes my favourite part, I'm actually doing this small business of headscarf.

The idea came when I was wearing this one shawl during one of my winter break trips, people loved it so much they keep asking if I could find them ones.

So why not! I could earn some money through this right?

I'm so counting days to go back to Malaysia.

So I'm just killing some times now while waiting for the flight. So what I do - I'm dealing with the people in Malaysia regarding their orders everyday, I'm watching K-dramas, preparing what to eat for break fast and sahoor, plus it's Ramadan - I choose to spend more time with Al Quran and doing terawikh by myself.

And cooking again in Ramen Celebrity (new app that got me so addicted. I always freak out if Chef Gordon comes to my ramen shop cause his temper is ridiculously annoying. Can't he just wait to eat my ramen? As if he's fasting! - you'll get this if you play this game)..

My housemates are going back to Malaysia one by one.

And Shushy keeps whatsapp-ing me days and nights to keep me company - she really gets on my nerve with her voice messages. Just annoying like Chef Gordon this girl hahaha.

Happy holiday dear self.

May this holiday brings you a lot of happiness and rest your body and mind really well. Cause forth year will be started real soon and drives you insane again.

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