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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ramadan Kareem

Just finished with final exams for semester 6. I don't know if it's just me, but I really feel like this is the longest semester ever. Feels like years long! Anyhow, everything just come to its end, am so happy, literally. Although I didn't really do well this time, a little malas this semester compared to the previous ones.

And Ramadan started just a day after my last final exam paper. My first Ramadan went well alhamdulillah. Because we went shopping in Cairo and had char kuey teow for break fast just beside the small field near to Masjid Hussein. Cairo is really hot, really. Bless you sweat glands for working so hard. Hahaha.

Guess what, I developed a few canker sore (mouth ulcers) just a few day before exam and last until now. Oh my god, how will I describe this pain - especially when you wake up from sleep, it's all dry and painful. Also when you eat, when you talk, when you brush your teeth, when you swallow your own saliva, when you do everything. It hurts! Also, I'm on an orthodontics treatment now (I'm wearing braces now), you see, the bracket makes some friction with the ulcer! I swear if I'm not being patient enough, I would probably climb up to the rooftop and scream at the top of my lung to tell the world to stop pissing me off and be nice while I'm in pain. Hahahah #drama

Am counting days now to go back to my country. So now I'm just killing some times at home, sorting out what to pack, what souvenir to give to my family in Malaysia, what to cook for break fast, you know.. things your moms usually do. Hahaha.

Of course I'm excited to go back, specially when it's Ramadan now. The image of bazaar ramadan near to my house has always popped out in my head. The smell of mutabak. The sour taste of somtam. My mom's chili prawns, the coldness of laicikang, the durians after break fast. Basically it's all about food okayyy!

Well, the upside of fasting here, I'm happy to witness how people are really looking forward to Ramadan. They are welcoming Ramadan so much it feels so different here. People are giving away foods and goods. They start to decorate their buildings and street and hanging lanterns everywhere. You can see colourful lights afar off. It's just amazing.

Much less like in Malaysia, everybody is spending more time with Al Quran.

Plus it's summer in here and the day is much longer than the night. I tell you, it's really hot here, I'm sometimes proud of myself that I actually unconsciously able to bear 2 hours of sweating whilst traveling in a public transport here. I can even fast asleep like that. You see, you'll get used to it. You have no choice hahah.

Everything that comes from Allah is all nice, by the way.

Enjoy your Ramadan brothers and sisters.

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