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Friday, April 24, 2015

winter 2015

( The reason why winter excites me)

Winter has ended. It is late spring now in Egypt. Last winter was just okay. We have 2 weeks of winter break and we decided to spend the holiday outside of Zagazig for few days. Hence, we planned a trip together.

And spent the rest of holidays just lazying around at Syaza's house, sleepover there, watching K dramas, cooking, baking and just lepak there. 

Winter isn't really my favourite season, I'd like spring more. Because petite me actually can't stand cold weather. I shiver easily. I'd get hungry easily - which is a good thing for me. But it makes you feel so malas. You just want to sit under your thick blanket, as close as possible to the heater. 

I hate it when I'm all covered by thick blanket, with thick clothes and socks, then there's an urge of urinating. You get to undressed everything and be ready to the toilet with coldddddddd tap water. And don't mention about showering. That's why I hate when my hair becomes thick and oily, cause we don't shower everyday, obviously. 

(Because people in tropical country take shower everyday)

But on the other hand, there's something about winter that I like, it's cold - of course which automatically makes you feel so calm. And food food, food! Hahaha.

I'm going to write about my winter trip, but I've been really busy lately, final exams are coming.


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