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Sunday, April 12, 2015


I have never been so compatible with Physics. Or anything that has something to do with experts' laws; Dalton's Law, Newton's Law and few names more Archimedes, Boyle, Hertz hahaha don't get me wrong, I mean they're really amazing, but that is so far from my soul. I can tolerate chemistry and (simple) mathematics, but not this far.

So, they said, you'll get something that you don't like. It's kind of a test for you. More like to test your patience or how grateful you are. So Physics has finally came to me in a serious way. 

Come to think of it, it's me who are actually calling for it. When I first enrolled into my course, I knew it was going to have some Physics. So no surprise. But then, I've never knew it was this tough!

We have a field in Pharmacy called Industrial Pharmacy. Basically, it's all about the manufacturing processes in a factory which where the drugs are manufactured. You got to know the machines to be used in the industry as well. How it works. Those principles. Those calculations. Proportions of ingredients. What type of machines are used for what type of drugs. Dos and don'ts. Things like that. 

It's only a degree level but my head has exploded every week in lectures. Hats off to those who choose to pursue Industrial Pharmacy in Master Degree. 

Never ever in my mind I thought about working in an industry. Simply because it's tough! I can't imagine a clumsy me doing a quality control. And careless me forget to maintain the temperature right while mixing those fine particles into a machines. And impatient me to stay in a huge refrigerator to work on cold chain drugs. Hahaha.

Because you really have to be extra meticulous and immaculate to work in this field. Which I'm afraid I can't do this correctly.

But nothing is wrong about learning the basic of them. It is fun to just learn about them. I mean, we at least have an idea about what industrial pharmacist are doing. But the fact of taking this course into an examination hall is so scary. This is my toughest paper this semester.

Since this course is kind of related to engineering, I thought of asking Ameerul to help me solving my Heat Transfer homework. Sly is my middle name, just registered by the way. Hahaha. 

So it's quite fun to finally have something in common to talk with him, even in study hahaha. Feels like I've just enrolled into another study group - engineering version. We talked about refrigeration's principle, Humidity Chart and so on. 

Then he said, "Why do you guys have to learn about this? I'm so surprise."

Yeah, because they think the drugs are coming down from the sky readily.


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