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Friday, April 17, 2015

time zone

I've always longed for weekend! Because I really love being at home, relaxing, doing my own stuffs (basically doing nothing and wasting time), you know, just being at home. Coming back home to the lovely (i.e stink) scent of my thick blanket and reliable wifi with legging and favourite home tshirt and just let your hair flowing down freely. So comfortable.

And weekend supposedly means free time for Ameerul too. So I demand hours long of conversation which we barely have during weekdays. But he, being a real man, having so much things that he plans; badminton, games, friends, project for university and so.

While I'm having so much free time here that I sometimes feel like begging my university for some projects! (hahaha a total lie, of course. I need to explain my jokes nowadays).

Plus with the different time zones, when I call him in the morning, he's already coming back from lectures and feel so tired and hungry that he just want to rest. And at night, I mean my night, it is already pass 12 in Malaysia and sometimes almost approaching dawn there.

I feel so alone - since I have so much free time. Sometimes when I had stories/gossips that I couldn't wait to tell him, there he went busying with his Design Project and came back real tired. 

My stories always went basi like that.


Well, this post may sounds like I'm a clingy type of girlfriend or something, I'm nothing like that please duh how-could-you-even, I'm just trying to tell you how limited the time is for us. 

But trust me, I enjoy having so much time just for myself. I can do what I want to do. I can watch series of Korean dramas in a day. I could finish a bundle of lecture notes if I want to (but I usually don't do that. I mean, who wants to?). I could finish knitting baskets of sweaters or scarfs also. 

But don't you feel lonely living just by yourself?


This situations apply to everyone too! My family, Shushy, other friends - except if Irfan works on night shift. Hahaha.

Still love weekend by the way.

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