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Saturday, April 18, 2015

fun mom

I was talking with Shushy about motherhood and parenting skills and stuffs and so.

I once had a conversation with Ameerul about this too. Ameerul, being so rude, he didn't believe that I would be a cool mom. Simply because I'm just fierce like that. He must imagine being in so much pressure with me as a mom.

Don't judge my future by the way I'm acting now, please!

Shushy has the same opinion too.

She said my future children must be a lot closer to their daddy than to me. Because according to her, I'm going to be one grumpy, fierce mom.

So I said defensively, "No way! My children must really like me. I'm going to be their favourite. I'm the best mom one's ever wished for!"

She replied, "HAHAHA"

Rude, right?

And I said, "Trust me, even you yourself would ever wish to be my child. Because I'm fun".

She said again, "Oh, that is probably me you're talking about"

Well, both of you, we will just wait until the right time comes, and I'm so going to show you how fun am I as a mom. Haha.

10 years from now, I will come again to this post, show them how lame their assumptions are, and laugh crazily in their faces. Hahaha.

Being a great mom is another story. Great is so much subjective. I mean in the term of skills, way of approach, way of talking, way to educate your children and so. This is something every mother should be excellent about, no exceptions! This usually comes to every mom naturally. And sure, every mother has her own ways to educate her children - not everyone's the same. (Oh look at this single lady's talking about - very ironic hahaha)

But well, back to the main subject, being funny and fun is a lot another story. This is more to being a creative mom. And that's what I'm talking about. I'm so going to be a funny mom and lights up our house with just my jokes.

Haha but these two goons have so little trust in me.

(Me as mom - exciting much, no?)

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