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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


It is not a defect, okay? My teeth are just overlapping with each other and make some gap in between and make me look toothless!

I don't exactly remember when all of this happened. But as far as I remember, my schoolmates used to make fun of me out of it. I'd got a lot of nicknames during high school. Shorty was one of them, obviously.

You know, the perk of having idiot friends hahaha. I wasn't mad, of course. Because we practiced "give and take", so it meant I gave them a lot of nicknames too! Hahaha. So that's how we rolled, that's how we teased each other. High school was the best, wasn't it?

I'm in quite a dilemma. To wear braces or not? To correct this alignment or not?

I whatsapp-ed Shushy this picture and she said, "PM me the gap in the scale of hectare."

This joke is new. Hectare is a new joke on me.

She just expanded her jokes hahaha. Shushy and her lame jokes, forever. But she advised me not to undergo any ortho treatment. She wants me the way I am. And she's scared of the after-effect of braces to me, since she wears one. Her face turns oval now. Not really oval, it's more like oblong now. But she's still pretty to me, even her face would turn triangle!

I heard/read about this quite a lot that wearing braces would slightly change your face shape. I mean in a better way. Your face would be more oriented. Isn't that a good thing? But thing turns differently to Shushy.

And the other friends (diploma coursemate) asked me to keep it too, just because they want me the way I am and overlapping teeth are some kind of having high sentimental value or something like that, according to what they said. Hahaha.

And now my focus has diverted from my teeth to these people's sweet talks.


Forget my teeth, I'd rather be toothless then.

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