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Thursday, April 30, 2015

expiry date

Remember a story about me getting a dental treatment? Which I acted so childish about. Not funny.

Well actually after that the doctor gave me a prescription of several drugs as a post treatment.

They are practising dispensing separation (DS) here, even for dental clinics. Like, the doctors or veterinarians will prescribe the medication to the patients in an official prescription and the patients need to go to the community pharmacy to get the medications.

Which Malaysia tries to do it, I mean tried to work for it. But it got some issues here and there, wait, you don't get me wrong. We, pharmacists have nothing to do against the doctors. I emphasized so many times that PHARMACISTS AND DOCTORS SHOULD WORK TOGETHER.

I have lot of friends in medical field and we respect each other on this issue. Thank god. People around me are really brilliant and know how to respect. I believe we are smart enough to discuss/debate in such a classy way.

(Even though I'd read few negative comments but anyhow, just let them. I believe everyone has a right for opinions but I would only appreciate them if they're doing it with manners).

OK, back to my story.

My dentist prescribed me an antibiotic, of course - to prevent the growth of bacteria and whatnot. And few more drugs including this analgesic called diclofenac sodium (Cataflam). I already had this one at home, so I thought I didn't need to buy it anymore. So I didn't really buy it, I was confident.

So I was happily compliance on the dose every morning and night, strictly following the correct times, be really on empty stomach for antibiotic.

Anddddd guess what! My own Cataflam had expired! Omg. After I took it for almost a week!
Cataflam that I brought from Malaysia few years ago. That I didn't really use them because I wasn't in pain - so now, what? Hahaha.

I laughed. Then I panicked.

My mind replayed the face of the pharmacist that offered me his Cataflam the other day.

Well, you couldn't go back to those times right?

So I kept calm and change to my-forever-drug-of-choice, Panadol.

And looked at myself in the mirror and said, "Where have you left your brain, young lady?"

Actually in a hospital/clinic/any drug store, they need to always check for the expiry dates. They have few systems on drug storage like FEFO or FIFO and so on. So don't worry.

And thank Allah, I used that Cataflam only for myself!

Well this if for me and for you, always always know your medicine. Know the basic informations; indication, direction of use, and expiry dates.

Especially if you're going to feed the others. Like infant and elderly.

Since I learn about this, let me share with you a little.

• For syrup - keep in fridge once open. And discard after 1 month after opening. Except for antibiotics, we don't keep them for so long. Discard after you finish the course.

• For tablet - check for expiry dates on the drug strips.

 E 11 2016 -- Expiry date November 2016. 
(It means 30th November. Unless they state the specific date)

Below: EXPMAR2015 -- Expiry date March 2015
Above: EXP 02 2016 -- Expiry date February 2016

If you need any help, just consult your doctors and pharmacists. I'm sure they are ready to help. 

Take care!

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