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Friday, May 1, 2015

1st May

It's 1st May guys! A small festive to all labors in the world. A day that you guys are waiting for. I feel you guys, I've been in that place. And it has been so so long since I write under a label of 'Working Girl'.

I once worked as a pharmacy assistant for 1 year in a private hospital before I continue with a degree now. It was such a good one year, really.

Alhamdulillah, that my ex colleagues and I are still can get along well until now. It's really good that I was able to get some experience and getting to know more people/connection at the same time.

Being a working lady, compared to study, I'd personally love my student life more, except that the fact of not having your own money is terrible, you still have to be dependent to your family. My dad to be specific hahaha.

Anyhow, it was really good to just waking up to go to work, no assignments, no exams, no need to study hard, and countdown to the pay day.

Actually, being a pharmacy assistant has its own challenges, I admit, it wasn't that easy. It was a headache sometimes.

Well, I'm taking a break from any hospitals for now. Doing a degree and definitely going to crash hospitals real soon. But with a different position, different responsibility, different job description - definitely different challenges.

That's life after all.

And in the future, I'd actually have a lot more dreams to achieve. So many plans, so many things that I really want to do.

One step at a time. Be patient, it won't hurt.

p/s: I'd choose Hospital Pharmacy for now. Never thought of getting into Community Pharmacy or any other fields, but we'll see what the future brings.

I used to serve you drugs and I'll come again to you on this!

Happy Labour Day!

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