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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

long hair and summer

I've always wanted to keep my hair long cause I think I'm adorable like that haha though no one could really see it. My hair never got any shorter than my shoulder throughout my life except twice or thrice that I might became unconsciously insane to cut it that short at that time or when the hairdresser just cut it wrong. Other than that, I'd reallyyy love to keep it long.

But the downside of having such long hair is that it gets to be pretty annoying to manage. Hair fall is another problem. Especially during summer. Cause it's so hot in here that I will switch my fan on to the maximum speed. When the strong wind from the fan strikes your hair really harsh, it will fly to your face like a tornado. Imagine if you're wearing a facial mask at that crucial time! It's also distracting so much when you try to study and memorizing such long medical terms and another 'tornado' strikes. 

I tied my hair in a bun, not comfortable. I covered my hair with towel for a while, I was sweating - of course, not comfortable.

I remember last summer I asked my friends to cut my hair down. Cause impatient me was just getting angry at my own hair!

But Alhamdulillah, this long hair has no issue with wearing hijab outside. I'm comfortable with that..

Plus summer here is no joke. Where the high temperatures will easily soar over 40 °C - including Zagazig. Summer is definitely not my favourite season. Simply because it's so much hotter than the rest. Cause impatient me just can't bear with it. (I need to learn to be patient, actually).

So, what I usually do is try to avoid being outside as much as I can. And the good thing is that we don't have any lectures during summer anymore because the final exams are starting. So we just have to go to the campus for exams, only. And this year, Ramadhan comes just right in summer, reallyyyy need to be more patient, okay? Hahaha.

And also, what I usually do in summer are taking shower more often, drink gallons of plain water, keep the fan to function at its highest speed, wear veryyyy thin clothes and moisturizer suddenly becomes my bff.

I don't know what this summer will bring. I'm just so excited to go back to Malaysia right after my final exams finish!

Which also may be as hot as here hahaha. But it is a home after all.

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