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Saturday, May 9, 2015

another exam

So, now I've done with numerous exams. A few mid term papers left before starting my real final exams. Tomorrow will be my Community Pharmacy practical exam - which now I'm trying to memorize all those drugs.

My Pharmacology practical the other day was just okay. My frog died after a tonic convulsion from Strychnine. And for the second drug, my mouse went super hyperactive I needed to put it inside a box that my Egyptian friend gave to me.

My little mouse jumped really high and he (or she? I didn't care) almost bit my fingers! Rude, very rude. I was so surprised that he went too harsh that I threw him away to my neighbor friend who sat in front of me - she didn't notice, if not she would screamed I bet.

Mice and frogs are everywhere on the floor! I really felt like growing more and more hairs on my entire legs!

So I assumed that my second unknown drug was Caffeine. Cause my mouse went really active (CNS stimulation) even though he didn't show any signs/symptoms like we ever learnt in class. Spoiled la you little mouse, always like that. In exams, nothing goes right. Hahaha.

It might be Caffeine. Because I injected it to a frog before - he had mixed convulsion and he couldn't walk properly- hanging of legs.

As for tomorrow, another subjects, but still related to drugs. We are going to get few clinical problems and suggest the line of treatments for each disease. Of course, cannot simply give any drugs. We must know how the drugs work, side effects, drug-drug interaction and so and so.

Flatlay - to make it more boring. Hahaha

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