Alya Qistina

Sunday, May 3, 2015

biggest fear

I'm taking 5-minute break from studying for Pharmacology practical exam tomorrow. Which I'm quite nervous about. Since this takes about 25 marks for grading the whole subject.

So for tomorrow I need to inject unknown drugs to frog/mouse and waiting for their reactions to determine my unknown drugs. I'm never afraid of frogs, we're kind of bff like that. Though with their wet skin and all, at least they don't bite!

But as for mice, euw! Hahaha euw! I can't stand those snouty noses with projecting hairs some more. And the naughty tails of them waving nonchalantly as if saying they've got all the power in the world. Isn't that annoying? Hahaha. The fact of just looking at them moving in the locked cage is already annoying.

(Especially when you inject Pilocarpine to this mouse, it will secrete so much saliva and tears until its hair is going to get wet by that, that's really... em, so nauseous. Sorry, mouse. I am a mean human being).

Mice are my biggest fear ever!

I feel like peeing seeing they move towards me in the lab.

One thing that I find myself calm a little bit is that the mice here aren't that big. They are just petite and manageable. Not as big as the ones you see outside.

I was freaked out to know we needed to play with mice at first. Then I tried to touch them - slowly, injected them quickly that finally I found myself calm and starting to enjoy doing things like that every week in the lab.

I finally overcome my fear to this little species! ... at least 50%.

Mice aren't really my biggest fear after all.

So, okay. For now, I'm going to go back to my book. See you tomorrow dear frogs/mice whatever.

And wish me luck people!


  1. there goes my breakfast.... sighhh

  2. Hmm then I guess I should have inserted the pictures at first haha