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Friday, May 15, 2015


Been getting a lot of wedding invitations thru Facebook - because no one wants to waste a time to post me a card via international delivery that probably takes 1 month to arrive and obviously I can't attend.

I felt a glimpse of excitement to receive such invitations and I usually went like, "Wow, she's getting married" or "Young, successful and going to get married - how interesting" or "Already?"

Or nowadays that I've been getting so so much invitations that apparently I won't be able to attend, I'll go like, "Awhh whose wedding this time?" or "Whose Raikan Cinta is this?" whilst tapping my phone to open her Facebook invitation page from the notification box.

Confession: I'd always wanted to get married early - at 25. Simply because it's a sunnah. 25 is such a perfect age to get married because usually that's when you're just starting with a stable career, you can afford to buy your own assets, you're technically mature enough to manage a household and taking care of babies.

Also you can befriend with your own children when they get older because the age gap isn't that huge. I wanna be my children's bestfriend - even though they don't want to.

I wanna see how they progress. I wanna be there on their graduation days. I wanna be there inside their labour rooms. #clingyfuturemomalert

Am I right? Okay, maybe my talks are cheap. Hahaha.

So being 25 years old now, any signs of getting married is really nowhere to be seen. Not even a slightest hahaha.

No pressure of course.

Because I need to complete my studies first. Marriage is not a race okay.

I know my life is progressing a little slower than the others. But truth be told, that doesn't give me a pressure. As long as you enjoy doing your own things and stick to your goals. I actually have so many dreams to achieve - though everything seems to move so slow for me.

"It's okay if you'd get it done later than others. This is not a race. All that matters is you and you ambition." - Dad, 3 years ago.

Well, we can just plan, no matter how great our plans are, it's only Allah who has the power of deciding everything.

So now, I'm just focusing on the wedding... of my big brother. Hahaha but it's really really nice to see their preparations. From wedding invitation card, door gifts and all.

Okay now. I'm going to go back to books.

Study week now. Nerd alert mode on.

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