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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

the aftermath

My mom sent me a picture of our house few months after the heavy flood stuck. We are back to normal now. Except with few destruction and loss and whatnot. It was quite heartbreaking seeing the aftermath.

Never imagined our house would submerged like that!

The flood was getting into my house for the first time ever! This time was so serious. My place wasn't usually affected by flood. So I guessed we were not fully ready.

I was on my winter break here in Egypt and we lost contact for almost a week. I could reached dad, but he couldn't reached mom and the rest.

My mom and the rest were transferred to a higher place. So everything was okay.

My mom even cooked for the people there! Hahaha showing off some cooking skills once in a while didn't hurt, of course. *looks at instant ramen that I've eaten here*

The aftermath was quite tiring, I felt so kesian to them to clean everything up while I was here munching strawberries and watching Korean dramas. How sad. The tiring part was washing all the affected clothes! And the mud crazily stuck to the floor!

They had tenths rounds of washing everything up, including my clothes. Which my mom complained about how many more rounds did she needed to finish them all? So her last resort was "I thought of giving away your clothes. I'm too tired to wash all of them."

I lost my words. Hahaha. Okay now, what should I really do?

I said, "Never mind. If you're tired, I'll wash all of them when I come back"

Mom's reaction was, "Okay, I'll keep them in a box while you're away"

Oh. God!

Is this real?


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