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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

preggy qissy

So, when I still owe my blog posts about my weddings, which I think I'm still gonna postpone them too, Because I'm more excited now to write about my pregnancy! Hehe.

Yeaa. I'm 5 months pregnant now. Already 5 months that the baby bump starts to appear. But actually my body weight hasn't increase much, like only 2 kg. So if you look at me now, probably you just gonna see a kid with a bloated stomach (read: kwashiorkor kid) hahaha.

Time flies, surely. It's only yesterday I got my urine positive with pregnancy. And now I can feel the kicks already. 

Sure, we expected this pregnancy, it wasn't a surprise. Because we had stayed together for 5 months after I came back to Malaysia for good. Long distance marriage doesn't count guys! Haha.

 But the moments we saw that double lines, we were just stared at each other. Like, "Is this for real?". Okay, let's wait. Until next week, then we will see the gynae to confirm. I mean, by next week we can already see the baby sac. Means, it's 100% positive that we're pregnant. So we were agreed on that. But the impatient me, of course! I had my UPT checked many times by myself before we actually went to the gynae. All comes out positive. As the day goes by, the double lines became clearer and clearer.

I was really sure that I'm pregnant. Because I'd never miss my period. Even a day. Sometimes my period came faster than the actual due. But to be satisfied, let's see the doctor. Also to confirm that the sac is in the uterus, not in the fallopian tube (ectopic). 

Yaa, because I learned them at school, so everytime I got sick, I started to think about any possible things that may occur haha. That's why I need some people, old-experienced mothers, doctors to assure me that everything that occur is normal for a pregnant mom.Well, first time mom some more hehe.

Actually the sign of me getting pregnant had came early. A month before I was actually pregnant, I missed my period by 4 days. Never in my life since puberty my period came that late. So I thought I was already pregnant but the result came out negative. I already had headache for a week. I already feel discomfort in the body. And etc. But.. that's just an introduction. Hehe. So the next month, I was late for my period for a bout 4 days, and I checked again. This time, it's positive!

My mother in law already expected this. She said, the hormones just wanna play a little bit haha. The whole family was so happy. 

Meanwhile, the culprit behind this pregnancy, my husband, still couldn't believe that he's gonna be a dad! His eyes shone so bright, he grinned from ear to ear, but he still asked me, "Am I going to be a father?". He asked the doctor, "So, she's pregnant?". "Yes, we all see the sac just now right", the doctor replied. Hahaha.

It's a beginning of a new journey for us. I can't wait!

And let's start a new label; Preggy Qissy.

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